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A Winter List of Books

In the flurry of holiday gatherings, I hope you find time to rest & recharge. Perhaps you'll join me in reserving time for a mug of golden milk (warm almond milk with turmeric, cardamom, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, honey) & a pile of books. 
Here's what I would hand you if we were standing in front of one of my three bookshelves (against all appearances, I do in fact encourage library visits).

It was quite the challenge to narrow it down to these few, let me tell ya.

Traveling Mercies- Anne Lamott Gritty and inspiring.
Bella Tuscany- Frances Mayes Beautifully written by a poet refurbishing a home in Italy. 
The Great Divorce - C.S. Lewis Thought-provoking and hard to put down.
Beloved - Toni Morrison Surprising and raw.
Lilith - George MacDonald Dark and unusual, but with his characteristic "true fiction" vibe.
The Complete Father Brown Mysteries - G.K. Chesterton Sarcasm and whodunit combined!
When Breath Becomes Air - Paul Kalanithi Heart wrenching and fragile.
The Po…

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