Book Talk- The Man Who was Thursday

Has this turned into a book club blog? Quite possibly. Only time will tell. In the meantime, have another look at a book I've recently finished + highly recommend! 

You may notice that this is a library book. Yes! We should all go support our local library from time to time and give our Amazon accounts a break.

But I digress. This being my first step into the writings of G.K. Chesterton, I was flat out impressed. I found The Man Who was Thursday to be a leisurely read (enough so that I would read chunks out loud to Alex before we fell asleep at night, sometimes with the light still on), but still gripping enough that I never wanted to put it down. The story took some unexpected turns, but not to the point of tom foolery.

A word to the wise: definitely grab your detective hat before you dive in. There are plenty of little hints along the way pointing to the grand reveal at the end and you could be right alongside the whirling minds of the main characters as they uncover what's true. On that note, I find it delightful that Chesterton creatively shows us how easily we believe (and trust) what appears to be orderly, reasonable, and in power...but more on that when you're done reading it for yourself (I'd love to expand on that anytime)!

I am certainly going to go grab a few more of Chesterton's books now that I've tested the waters and found them delightful!

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