A Step Into Seasonal Living

The idea of seasonal living is really resonating with me lately. Nature knows what its doing when it decides to shed what its created and go through a rebirth every year. I realize people talk a lot about going through a "new chapter" in their lives. Goodness knows I've flung around that term time and time again. Although I see the merit in marking a new time in your life, where does that leave you when you seek out resolution? An example- between being married and moving this summer, I've had ample enough reason to label this time as a "new chapter." In doing so, I've understood how our brains really kick into high gear when it's been confirmed that we are in a new season of life. I've seen many changes in myself that, I believe, would not have occurred if I was in my normal day to day routine. This all may seem obvious to you, but I think it's revealing of who we are as people and how we work (or at least how I'm wired to work, I suppose).

Anyways, as I've been searching for a job this past month, there have been several marks of growth I've seen in myself that are incredible; including starting my Etsy shop back up after fruitful, in depth research. Underneath it all however, I have this nagging sense of, now what? I find myself questioning this time in my life. I'd like to suggest that by labeling fluxes in our lives as "new chapters," or anything similar to such, we are implying that there is an end to the events we find ourselves in. This leaves us questioning when things will settle back down, what we should be doing to stretch out the good times, or how we got ourselves to where we are. In reality, we never know when the "new chapter" will settle down into daily routine. And I don't think we should be waiting around for the end of our chapter- regardless if we're anticipating good or bad.

Instead of this, I want to live in the moment- or the season, that is. From now on, when I walk out the door to feel the surprising nip of wind on my cheek, to feel the crunch of rapidly appearing orange leaves, and to see the advertisements begging me to join the masses in drinking a fall beverage, I will check in with myself and live into the fall season. I will use the unveiling of death's beauty in the scraggly, bare trees to work towards the little projects that have been simmering on my mind's back burner.

I will go through this check in process four times throughout the year. Four "new chapters" will be built right in to my year. And with these built in, I won't have to question the place I'm in. I won't have to mourn lost ideas and missed opportunities. There will be the knowledge of a new season right around the corner, bringing with it all the inspiration and hope we find in a scheduled changing of the guards.

Nature and I will walk hand in hand through death of old ideas, and rebirth into even better ones.

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