(Greenlake, Seattle)
I'm learning to rest. 
I want to sarcastically say it's revolutionary, but it honestly is. My version of rest used to be what is probably familiar to most people; propped up in bed while checking my email, texting a potential new friend to make dinner plans, opening more tabs on my computer then one person could possibly need at one time, and making a mental to do list of all that "needs" to be accomplished in that day. But I'm laying down so it counts as resting, right?! Oh how very, very wrong. 

It's almost an impossible feeling when you realize you don't have to feel guilty for craving rest. I'm still wrapping my brain around the idea of cherishing an entire day each week to rest, celebrate life and thank the One who made it all so good. I'm going to change my mindset this week, it's still a new idea for me, but one so worth exploring. And I invite you to try it too. And pick up Garden City to read while you're resting and celebrating. 

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