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Well hello there,

On this very rainy, quiet afternoon, I had an urge to share a bit of our life since moving down to Oregon. I've been turning over in my head all the differences there are in living here so far, and they're all honestly so refreshing. Rows of hazelnut trees instead of graffitied garbage cans, mornings so incredibly quiet and still instead of honking lines of commuters, and a handful of independent shops instead of piles of internationally known brands. That all being said, I miss Seattle terribly, but it's always fruitful  to live into a change of pace. I'm leaning hard into this slower way of living, and it's suiting me well.

I've found myself gravitating towards slower tasks like kneading dough with my hands instead of grabbing a loaf off a shelf. Its true that you need to adjust your person to fit the environment you're in- to what extend you do so is up to you. If the weather changes from buckets of rain to beating sun, you're bound to experience some bumps in the road if you refuse to change up your routine by, say, wearing sunscreen. Moving here has absolutely changed up how Alex and I live life. At first I couldn't believe we were living in a place with not a single Indian restaurant to order from, and then I discovered just how simple it can be to spend time making a curry (not to mention how satisfying it is to eat, and even better, to serve what your own hands have prepared).

More than anything, not living in a bustling city where everything was at my fingertips has taught me that I can (and need) to live daily life more thoughtfully. Do I need to buy that pre-cut broccoli in the plastic bag, or can I save a bit of money and not create more waste by buying a stalk of broccoli and preparing it myself? Do I need to turn on a show to fill the silence or can I settle down to hear the rain while I finish that book I've been meaning to get to? Questions like this have been popping into my mind more and more often and with more and more urgency. And I must say, it's been a delight.

One of my newest additions to MyLittleRoseCo
 Here are some resources to browse that have been smoothing the bumps in the road for us:

The Zero Waste Memoirs for every conceivable way to declutter your life and live wholesomely.

Door of Hope podcasts are what I like to listen to while I cook or want to dive deeper into a subject.

Love & Lemons  for meal inspiration- you can browse her recipes by season, or select the ingredients you want to use up in your kitchen. Genius.

Unroll.Me shows you all of the email subscriptions that are attached to your email address and then lets you pick which ones you want to unsubscribe from- all in one place, at one time!

MyLittleRoseCo is my little shop I use as a creative outlet and I'd love for you to check it out ♥

This is, of course, only a handful of the places I visit to enhance the way we live. I've also stumbled upon a few books recently that have been game changers- maybe that's the calling for another link sharing blog post down the road.



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