Book Talk - Till We Have Faces

Let's journey into the dark world of a myth retold- preferably with a glass of red wine in hand.

C.S. Lewis reins as king in creating Other worlds. Through his books, one can explore alien communities, observe through the eyes of a solider hidden inside the Trojan horse, step through a wardrobe into a land perpetually blanketed in suffocating snow, sink into the twisted mind of a devil, and, in this case, navigate through a classical myth.

If you are not familiar with the myth of Cupid and Psyche, "Till We Have Faces" at once will teach you and prod you forward into Lewis's genius. There is a jealousy infused sister/sister dynamic that is amplified by their royal blood, fear of the gods, and devastating differences. We see what rituals and sacrifices go into living in the shadow of not only a mighty king, but of gods who are never quite satisfied. And, most interestingly, we experience the crumbling, although enlightened, mind of a woman who's revelations reveal to her her truly frightening world.

This book will have a permanent space on our bookshelves. I'm sure the pages will become creased and the cover worn as we pass it back and forth between friends; sharing the dark, and sometimes twisted, world of Lewis's Cupid and Psyche.

Find this book! You know there's one on our bookshelf if you want to dive right in.


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