A Flower Turned Into a Life Lesson

After having the not greatest of days and grabbing some Po Dog this afternoon, I meandered over to a park in my neighborhood. The day was overcast in the best way possible, with moody lighting turning the naked trees into paintings come to life.
Having finally convinced myself that I was just fine and life was grand after all, I dug into my toogoodtobereal food to have an oversized cloud tear (ha- that's rain fyi), splash onto the food in front of me. What even! I had scheduled some down time in the grand outdoors instead of cuddling up in my bed with Netflix and now my picnic is getting rained on?! Nooooo thanks. During my mopey walk to my table earlier, I had glanced at the one and only blossoming tree in the park and briefly thought about the vibrant color- now, as I was scurrying to gather my things, I felt a nudge to go out of my way to find that tree again. Walking down the trail in the opposite direction of my house, I became more and more awestruck with the ever increasing beauty in front of me. The colors and textures were even more amazing in juxtaposition with the naked and grey trees surrounding it.

And then I started doing that thing that I do anytime anything ever happens- I made a little life lesson out of it.

The beauty and intricacy here would have been completely lost on me if I would have stayed home to watch Netflix (even if it would have felt good short term) OR if I would have run angrily out of the rain, upset that my little picnic had been cut short.

I was also reminded that beauty can be found in the most dire seeming situations. Take some time to think back on past memories that you've written off as worthless, disappointing or hurtful and think of how you've grown because of it, who else may have been positively affected by it or how you saw God's hand in the midst of it. I'm convinced that there's even the smallest piece of life in every dead or dying forest.

I took one of the flowers from that tree and have it on my mantel as a reminder that life is beautiful, to experience joy in even the littlest things, to seek out the good I know is in everything and to get outside frequently.

Be inspired and go.

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