What I'm Wearing: Glitter + Knots

Okay, so you know how when you start something new it's really scary? A good scary, but scary nonetheless. As I've been learning to let go of my "need" for perfectionism in my life, I'm learning how beautiful it is to let go and DO. Starting this blog is a perfect (haha that word) example. 

So thank you. To everyone who has supported me by sharing my link, sending me words of encouragement, going out of your way to offer help, and more. It's been unreal and so good. 
These shoes and skirt are from one of my favorite consignment stores of all time (which is a big deal because I frequent consignment stores more than your average person). Foxxy Brown's is definitely worth checking out; who knows, you might run into me there!

On the topic of thankfulness, I am SO grateful for Deb and our blogger friendship. Check out her blog, ok?
I HAD to get a few twirls in while the sun made an appearance and was dancing on the cute little sparkles.

So again, thank you all! If you want to follow along using Bloglovin' you'll be able to keep track of what I'm up to! It's really easy to use and you'll be able to find more inspiring blogs to brighten your day there too♥ Just search for my blog name and click to follow. I use it to follow tons of talented people; it's a lifesaver!

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