Humans of SPU: Corinne Valencia

Seattle during spring is pretty magical. People enjoy being outside longer, the most polite bicyclists in the world often frequent the trails, and the farmer's markets become more and more crowded with eclectic (I'm pretty excited I spelled that word right on the first try...and I'm realizing that you can easily sound it out...but I'm still proud) people. 

This girl right here is a total and absolute joy. I had the privilege of going to the Fremont Farmer's Market with her for her first time! And then we went around and explored Queen Anne's cute little neighborhoods that I have totally been taking for granted. Love them 
At the Market, I was able to pay $1.00 for an original poem written on the spot! I requested a haiku about cities and I got this brilliance. It literally encapsulates everything I'm in love with about cities.
Check out the link at the bottom of the poem for more info on this awesome idea.
This edit is a great representation of the dreaminess of buying fresh flowers, reading a poem written for you by a stranger on a typewriter, being with a best friend and exploring a city bursting with color and life.

I wish I could hand these right through the screen to all of you lovely readers. BUT I do encourage you all to go get your own bundle of joy to serve as a reminder that spring is here and life is beautiful.

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