Adventuring: Lynden + Easter Sunday

Ah, home sweet home.
It becomes sweeter and sweeter every year you're away from it. I'm pretty sure almost every college kid you talk to will back me up on that one. I was glad to be home (even if it was 24ish hours) to have Easter with my family and my friend Olivia. We had good eats, good convo and straight up good vibes.
My mom has always been so incredibly gifted at setting a beautiful table.
I snapped all these pictures with Olivia's iPhone because THE CAMERA my parents bought me was still charging. That was seriously the most surprised I've been in a long time. I know the phrase is getting overused lately (I guess that's a good thing though?), but I am seriously blessed.
Yeah my mom's pretty amazing.
Pre plate filling.
Slivered almonds and green beans are my new favorite combo. DELICIOUS.
I'm so grateful for the reason we even have the chance to celebrate Easter. Jesus is the best, am I right? ♥

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