Inspiration: I'm Surrounded

HAPPY EASTER. In my state of immense gratitude for the love He is constantly showing, I wanted to show some love to some of the people I love. They're using the gifts He gave them and I am SO proud.
So many of my closest friends happen to be incredibly talented. I wanted to show start showing you guys how great they are. Check it out!
Here's my super pal, Kaitlyn (middle). She's one of the cutest people alive on planet earth today, and, thankfully, she's documenting her life for us all to read. Check out her adventures and show her some love!
{Sidenote: here is a classic example of how I look in 90% of the pictures I'm in}

Now (on the left) is my beautiful friend Lauren. Her blog is full of a raw and incredible look into her heart. I am beyond excited to see where her life of chasing after the desires of God's heart leads her-it'll be epic. 
Allison (on the right) is one of the most encouraging people I know; she and Lauren are two birds of a feather. I know if she had a blog, I'd be so into it.
{Another sidenote: I love how in these pictures my hair is completely different. I crave change!)

So. I will most definitely be posting more friend links because the world needs to know my talented homies.

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