Inspiration: Make Pretties//Give Them Away

Ahhhh, what a crazy week this is. 
Thankfully, I have made some time to make some pretties to de-stress my crammed-full brain.
Welcome to my snail mail box. Inside this tin little cutie I have all my letter writing essentials!
I'll give you all a quick little tour.
Although these are the current residents, it is constantly changing as I go through letter writing binges and (on the flip side) stationary buying crazes. One of my favorite places to get supplies is Grandiflora. And thank goodness for all you people out there not from the PNW, they have an online store
Some of you might recognize the poem hanging from my stacked wire holder from my adventure to the Fremont Sunday Market. I love surrounding my work space with tangible inspiration and reminders of the adventures I've been on.
a sharpie + some cute paper = instant quote writing material
Stuff them into the letters you write for an extra surprise♥
My latest Instagram highlighted one of my favorite letters I've written lately. Details are seriously my love language. I love receiving them and I LOVE giving them!
So friends, take a break in the midst of your busy week and send some love to your friends & family. The thing about life is that we're constantly reminded of how stressed and busy we are and we sometimes forget that the people we love are (most likely) in the same boat. So show them you're there, I mean, who wouldn't want a cute little love letter!?

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