What I'm Wearing: Birdie Shirt (Round 2)

"A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms."
{found on Pinterest}
Good grief, I am so glad I met this wonderful person. Deb has been such a vital source of encouragement as I pursue blogging, photography, and now videography!
Whip it.
I told Deb that I wasn't feelin' being photographed this day BUT I am so glad (as always) that she convinced me to let her take some photos. She can even make pictures of a sleep deprived, reluctant college kid look totally put together!
Also laughing is good. Always. Even if it makes pictures a tad bit blurry. Always choose laughter.
This is my adorable roommate Brooke. She didn't think she could pose for pictures, but she's obviously precious so it worked just fine. This might have been when she was laughing at me running in circles like a crazy person because a bee was gettin' a little too friendly. Yeah that was probably it.
As you go about your week, remember to be yourself BUT also pause to appreciate the beauty in the people around you. And go out of your way to let them know! 
Be a day maker.

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