New Template//Photo Highlight

In honor of my new template (thank you Cristina!), I want to highlight some of my favorites photos and posts on Miss Abby Lemon so far. And say a big fat THANK YOU to everyone for the words of wisdom, encouragement, love, etc. I'm not including links to each individual picture because you've seen them before if you've been following along. 

And if you're new around here, w e l c o m e and feel free to look around :)
This ^ was one of my absolute favorite photoshoots of all time.

^ Always surrounded by my latest Buffalo Exchange finds (to the left)
Well, wow, it's so unbelieveable seeing all of these. Such good memories and so many learning curves. Starting a blog has been one of my best decisions ever.
Move forward with love and grace for each other AND yourself this week.

xoxo, Abby

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