Inspiration: Living + Workspace

My living/workspace has been quite the evolving process the last two years at school. 
BUT I love a good creative challenge.
Ahhh the dorm life. 
You can see in the mirror that Brooke and I have our door decorated still from our dorm's event, Experience Moyer Project. We decorated ours as the children's book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom :) You can also see the Starbucks sitting on our mini fridge. Caffeine has a whole new meaning in college.
Hello my name is Abby.
Many an essay has been written on this desk. I need to be surrounded by pretty things or I'll go crazy!
A very well known fact about me: I never make my bed. 
So everyone's surprised when they see huge bright flowers on my bedspread hahaha
Not even all my jewelry. Crazy. DON'T WORRY, I've been giving a lot away to the girls on my floor.
I love turning the lights off and just having the twinkle lights + sunlight coming in.

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