Humans of SPU: Friends + Sun

Although I'm SUPER into this rainy Seattle day, I thought I'd share some sunny pictures from earlier this week so that we Seattleites won't forget that the sun IS a real thing!

 SPU is so great at providing events upon events upon events. We decided to take advantage of the sun and friends who were back from class, etc. and lounged out in Tiffany Loop, listened to a friend's band play and ate free BBQ. Ahhh, the life.
They're cute, am I right? (I am.)
 Pausing to look up.
 I love all the prints, patterns and colors that this day consisted of!
My hair is finally getting long enough to be fun again! Josie worked her fishtail magic♥
Don't worry, I'm not armless. I just use the Italian art of hand motions while talking (frequently).
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