Adventuring: Lynden, WA

My sister Liv & her boyf are pretty rad people; so I obviously did a photoshoot with them while I'm home for spring break. It's been so great being able to highlight the important people in my life. And it's been pretty fantastic that all the people in my life seem to have some inner fashion sense. Love that!

 And this is Taylor. Dang, what a cool dude. He was the main photographer in this little shindig. I've definitely decided I prefer being on the other side of the camera. Modeling is so much harder than it seems. 
*kudos to all da models out there*
HEY H&M. Hire us. We're poor college kids.
^ Taylor's picture and edit. So good. Am I right!?
Little do you all know, the boys were circling around in the car playing 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun' while Liv and I were trying to take these pictures. Amazing we got any good ones, eh?
Just in case Mikal drops out of college and takes on a major modeling career. 
Liv is one of those people that you meet and then while you're walking away you're like, dang what just happened!? And then you go try to find her so you can hang out with her more. Maybe she casts a secret spell on everyone that I don't know about? Or maybe everyone genuinely likes her. Yeah, that one.

Bye bye now♥

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