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Let's start off with some Pinterest gold: 
"And still after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, 'you owe me.' Look what happens with a love like that, it lights up the whole sky." -Hafez
Okay. The past week-ish has been unreal. I am literally overwhelmed with the greatness that is life. I have a memory jar for 2014 that has slips of paper with my favorite memories and I've been adding to it every day! These are some iPhone pictures and Instagrams that sum up some of what I've been up to. And here's a peek into my memory jar:
  • Modeling with Pursuit 31's photography group was ama-zing. There were so many wonderful people to meet, I had to learn how to make talking + trying to look good at the same time work (whoa though, shout out to all the models out there), and I got to witness the behind the scenes of a professional photoshoot. The top left image was captured by Alicia Mae Photography and I love it!
Victor totally took this with his iPhone in between our modeling seshs. Too good, right?
*Also, I will for sure have an entire post with the 1950's shoot pictures. No worries people.*
  • I've also been exploring around Seattle and finding the most beautiful murals which I obviously have to snap pics of. 
  • Okay, the day after the photoshoot I was a hot mess taking the bus home. Wicked sunburn, messy bun, the works, and wasn't expecting anything much to happen. BUT I was so wrong. Seth ended up sitting next to me on the Bolt Bus and *boom* instant friendship. This guy is the real deal. Seriously, we have already had so many adventures and such. I wish you could all meet him like right now.
  • The center photo is my slanted ceiling collage I have at my Lynden bedroom and I just miss that thing.
  • Another great part of this weekend was being a part of Lauren's wedding. Being her personal assistant with Liv was the greatest (and I was stoked that included watching Jessica work her photo magic).

Guys, life is so beautiful and there's a million quotes I could throw at you right now b u t I'd rather you just take my word for it and go live your best story. After my school's (SPU) school shooting last month, I am even more convinced that we need to live every day to the fullest. Cheers, friends!

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