Back From the Blogging Dead w/ Photo Evidence of Life

Well hello there.

I finally made it back to the blogging community. Although my hiatus was unintentional (due to laptop repairs), it was well received. I learned that not only am I completely content not blogging, but that I do indeed love sharing my insights, photography and longing for adventure via this platform.

Read on for a quick round up of my life in the last few months and then upcoming posts for my latest inspiration seeking.

As always, please feel welcome to check out the sidebar for links to my Google+, Instagram, etc. ♥

Be inspired.

Seattle from Kerry Park in its unedited, 'born like this' beauty.
The best way to catch up on my past adventures (and to follow along with me on my future ones) would most definitely be to connect with me on the ever glorious Instagram.

Snapchat has been such a relaxed and silly way to keep up with friends. I l o v e getting little updates and being able to see the faces of people I care about at the same time. 

On a somewhat related note, it's been a blast lately to start planning. As many know, I have been working full time this past school year and holding off on finishing my degree till I know what the what I'm doing with my life. Although that has been the right decision for me, I'm feeling change in the air. It's been refreshing to follow through with some of my dreams and apply for opportunities that make my heart sing. I trust that God has a grand plan in the making- and that I am currently living out that plan even though it may not seem glamorous at the moment. 

One last thought- I want to say a big (and genuine) thank you to everyone who has checked in on the status of this blog. It's been intriguing to watch what started as an intended fling turn into a creative space with dedicated readers. Thank you.

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