Oh Heyyyy

My life as of late has been full of exploration. It's literally my most ideal way of life, so it's fun to look back on recent adventures and be thankful. The not so ideal part is that my laptop is a goner- but that will hopefully be fixed stat.
Tess and I have decided to start a Tuesday Breakfast Club which we will surely be blogging about- I'll keep y'all posted. Our first stop was The Fat Hen which was absolutely delicious.
I've become completely convinced that ditching Car2Go or the bus is always a good plan. I always run across the raddest things when I walk. And my clothes end up matching nature, which is cool too.
Lots of day trips to new and old places alike have been happening these last couple months. And soon in my future is a trip to Portland with one of my favorite bros. That'll be on here for sure.
Annetta and I took a daytrip up into Snoqualmie to do a lil' shoot recently. I love being surrounded by people who are okay with an agenda-free life (at points) and the ability to feed off each others' inspiration and creativity.

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