Eastern, WA Vibes (Part 1)

Wanna hear about some more intriguing curve balls life has been throwing at me?

^ some fall gatherings from today's adventure to the Finch Arboretum in Spokane

Transparency- interesting word to roll around in your brain. There's something about showing vulnerability that doesn't bode well with me. Let me tell you though, the simple act of surrounding yourself with people full of love, compassion and adventure can flip on a life-giving switch. I have had the joy of experiencing just that this weekend. No need for walls, no need for hiding emotions, no need for putting your best foot forward- just be with people who are down with your normal feet, yo.


I can't stress enough the difference small life changes make in creating a life story that is
fulfilling, beautiful, and worthy.
This summer/fall has been a growing period. Living in Seattle with a full time job + no school + endless city adventures has taught me more than a few handy tips and tricks.
As I sit in my sister's living room, surrounded by great friends, a cup of honey green tea, bumpin' music and a folder of pictures to edit from our day's arboretum wanderings, I am reminded once again that small moments can have the greatest impacts. Take a moment to look back on your day and search for the moments that would have otherwise been filtered into your "Too Small To Matter" brain box.
I like looking at these different layers we walked over today. I think we can make a nice little metaphor out of it (relating to people). To kick this off: they were all underfoot and could have easily been overlooked; but when taking time to slow down, anyone can find beauty in any of these. They were also all so different, but all look so great together. Some of my most cherished friendships are with friends who people would have never imagined me with.
We can learn a lot from these leaves, broken glass and grass: be real, be true, love all and
find beauty in everything, always.

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