A Seattle Vegan Barista Fashion Merch Dropout

It's official- I've found my niche. Let me set the scene: living in Magnolia, walking 40 minutes to work at 5:30am, working as a shift lead at a Christian bookstore+coffeeshop until 2:30, stopping by my favorite Ballard shops after work and being called out as a regular, busing (if I picked up groceries, etc.) or walking home, getting home to continue contemplating new tattoos/write/fry up some tofu/blog/meet as many new people as possible/read/OD hard on chips and salsa. All in a day's work.

Sidenote: Last night, in utter awe of the amount of chips and salsa I eat, my roommate said: 
"You are more of a tomato than I know." 
The lack of sense that makes is okay because I had just downed half a jar of pineapple/mango salsa. I'm sure the shock of witnessing your roommate do such a thing would screw up your grammar too.

Here's a picture of me post-ODing:
Okay, let's break down that title now.
A - I am one of many people who would fit this description. But I'm also uniquely me, ya know?
Seattle - I've known for y e a r s that this is the place I'm supposed to be. And I still know it. It's one of the few things I have nailed down as absolute truth in my life (hollar at Jesus for being one of the only others).
Vegan - This is a new part of my life that may or may not stick around. The goal is just for the month of October, but who knows, maybe I'll become smitten with the lotsa veggies lyfe.
Barista - Steaming milk, attempting to pour latte art, chatting with the regulars, and trying (and slowly starting to enjoy) hemp milk. Boom.
Fashion Merch Dropout - The last two years I was learnin' over at SPU, but I've decided to move on elsewhere. So my current status is a dropout. Perfect.

And guess what I'm learning through it all? Life sucks. Life is the best. Life is the worst. Life is inspiring. Life is unbeatable. Life is a wild card. SO MANY CURVE BALLS. Life is unreal and I wouldn't change a single second of it. 
Not one. 
Also- the future is now, literally. Like see that second it took you to read that? It's already in the past. So let's set some goals and start on them now. And let's decide to be happy, like, always. And let's not be hard on ourselves if some tears are shed. It's all a part of ze life.

Cheers ♥

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