Ready, Set, Action

This is an action-packed time of life right now; let me fill you in. Scroll down for newsworthy facts
(and so I can show you pictures of me after four hours of sleep and a full day of work).
Birks have become my best friend♥
Food baby tummy + very apparent bags under my eyes = real life people
 I'm a one-winged butterfly with a messy, messy bun.
Oh hey look, I can still smile when I'm a walking zombie. Good to know.

  1. I finished up my second year at SPU.
  2. I was working two jobs, a leader on hall council and taking four classes up until yesterday.
  3. I moved into my first apartment (!!!).
  4. I am now a full-time working barista/bookstore supervisor.
  5. I get up at 5am for work and I'm totally becoming a morning person.
  6. My apartment has a sauna, hot tub, gym and balcony off my room. Whoa. 
  7. I am SO excited to be able to focus on Etsy and blogging.
  8. Probably about twenty other things I'm forgetting right now.
Thank you Jesus for keeping me going through the ca-raziness of my life. It's starting to slow down and I am more than okay with that!

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