Inspiration: Pinterest

Honestly, I am blown away by the amount of inspiration I get from Pinterest. It's unreal. So I've decided to give some simple hints on how to get a daily dose of inspiration via Pinterest!
  • If you know someone with genius outfits, an adorable dorm room, a beautiful house, etc. then you should check to see if they're on Pinterest; their pins most likely reflect their everyday lives.
  • When you find that brilliant person on Pinterest, check out their boards and see if all of them apply to you. It's easy to only follow certain boards and this will help to narrow down the pins to ones that are applicable to you. 
  • If you repin something, go check out the pinner it came from! You might end up finding a treasure trove of pins just waiting to inspire you.
  • This ^ also applies to companies that you shop/draw inspiration from. Go follow them!
This edit & picture styling were totally Pinterest inspired.

If you want to gain more followers, or be an inspiration to other pinners, here are some tips:
  • Label your boards clearly. This helps keeps your pins organized and makes it easier for other people when they're viewing your profile/deciding if they want to follow you. 
  • Change your board covers. Hover your mouse over a board and choose "Change Cover." Let people spot your style and provide a cohesive look among all your boards.
  • You can also move your boards around. Put boards you pin to most often near the top; this makes it easier for you (and other people) to view what you are most interested in.
Browsing Pinterset is one of the best ways to come up with new ideas if you're stuck inside on a rainy day or want to store ideas away so you can make lovely things later♥

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